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What is Data Science ?


Data Science is an interdisciplinary field between science and computing used to generate insights. It melts mathematics, scientific methods and processes. Thus, skills needed are various: from mathematics (Statistics and probability) and data engineering to computer science and software programming (Usually R or Python). It allows multiple projects, from object detection to machine learning. Data Science is still young and growing. Data storage capabilities have not stopped increasing over the last few years and allowed datasets treatment and analysis to extract business value.

The data scientist is the bridge between data world and business world, it is the one who connects the dots. From data, Data scientists perform analysis to help companies grow by predicting trends or business insights.

Data Science goals and stakes

The main goal of data science is to generate business value for the company. In order to do that, data science deliverables are many : automation, prediction, object detection, forecasts, pattern detection… Use Cases can be used to numerous fields, from banking to healthcare. Here are some examples :


Banks and Insurances

  • Process automation
  • Customer insight
  • Churn Rate reduction


  • Epidemiology
  • Toxicology
  • Research



  • Weather simulation
  • Projected impact

Transportation and Urbanism

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