Cloud-based SaaS for a high-performance offering

Cloud-based SaaS for a high-performance offering

Take advantage of Saagie's managed SaaS offering, hosted on leading public clouds such as AWS, GCP, Azure or OVHcloud.

Stop wasting your time installing and maintaining infrastructure. Focus on getting the most out of your data.

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illustration cloud

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Find out the benefits of using Saagie in the cloud

Saagie with Google Cloud Platform

With Saagie, deploy, run, and monitor your data and AI projects on GCP in the blink of an eye.

To keep pace with the value generated by GenAI, companies now need to adopt an industrial approach to Data and AI algorithms, integrated into the transformation of their Information Systems. Our partnership with Google Cloud will enable our major customers to simplify their architecture and streamline collaboration between different teams on these structuring AI initiatives.

Saagie with OVHcloud

Choosing Saagie with OVHcloud means opting for a winning combination of power, technological reliability, and sovereignty.

Together, we offer you a secure and high-performance data and AI project management solution, hosted in France.


Saagie with Amazon Web Services

Explore new frontiers with Saagie on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Our partnership with AWS offers you a robust and flexible platform to propel your data and AI projects to new heights.

Saagie with Microsoft Azure

Get ready to discover the future of your data and AI projects with Saagie on Microsoft Azure! Our partnership with Azure opens the doors to a reliable and scalable platform that will help you realize your ambitions.