ROI from day one with Saagie Data Factory

Saagie data factory
Reduce the time to insight for your data and AI projects by 3
Saagie guarantees rapid delivery of data & AI projects, from predictive maintenance to fraud detection. Our agile, out-of-the-box platform simplifies the creation of advanced data pipelines, enabling one-click deployment.
Increase your data engineering process efficiency by 5
With Saagie, data teams can instantly access the best open-source, cloud, and commercial technologies without the hassle of software management.

They can share their work and benefit from production-ready work environments through a single, secure tool. Our platform offers integrated monitoring to supervise and log processing, freeing teams from time-consuming tasks.
Save up to 30% on your cloud infrastructure costs
Take advantage of the public cloud's endless scalability to keep up with your growing resource and computing needs.

With Saagie, you can add extra compute nodes in an instant and configure CPU and RAM levels to get the best out of your processing and applications. Plus, you can track their consumption in real time.
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What value does Saagie bring to its clients?