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A single interface for all your Teams

Data projects involve three key departments: : data teams , the IT department and business units.
Businesses strive to gain actionable insights swiftly, while data teams seek flexibility to meet evolving business needs, and IT demands a stable and secure infrastructure that seamlessly integrates into their existing IT environment. Saagie's DataOps Platform effectively addresses all three requirements, placing collaboration at the core of data projects. With Saagie, organizations can foster seamless collaboration and achieve the perfect balance between speed, flexibility, and security in their data initiatives.

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for Data teams

for IT teams

for Business teams

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Autonomy for Data Teams

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Their needs: agility and choice of technologies

Data profiles need flexibility Data profiles need flexibility in choosing technologies and a tool to collaborate, share their work and get feedback from the business on their needs. Since they are the ones who build and maintain the pipelines, they need access to various data sources and global data tracking, without compromising its security and confidentiality. They also want to take advantage of different environments to explore, experiment and deploy their jobs to production.

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What Saagie brings

Using the Saagie DataOps platform, data teams can choose from a selection of the best open source , cloud and commercial available off-the-shelf in multiple execution contexts. execution contexts. They also have application standards such as data science notebooks and visualization tools. To complete our self-service technology catalog, they can add their own frameworks and Docker applications. Saagie allows them to centralize  their data and manage the entire lifecycle of their projects by creating advanced data pipelines. In addition to providing a single tool in which they can in which they can share their work securely, they can also take advantage of multiple work environments designed for production. A monitoring layer allows them to supervise the execution of their processes, to record instances and to access and access to logs in a native way.

Transparency for IT Teams

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Their needs: control and security

Since they are in charge of building, maintaining and securing a large technology stack, IT needs to update and monitor update and supervise heterogeneous frameworks their usage, but also automate and monitor deployments; all this while adapting to IT Ops and developer code standards.

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What Saagie brings

Based on a managed Kubernetes cluster, Saagie's DataOps platform provides easy integration and orchestration of frameworks and apps, thus promoting frameworks and apps, making it easier for you to standardization and openness.This saves time in provisioning clusters and allows applications to be easily and securely deployed using Docker. In addition, Saagie offers IT teams data security thanks to the various standards in place such as management of user rights by group and profile, as well as continuous usage control through native monitoring features such as centralization and log history.

Results for Business teams

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Their needs: Speed and results

Whether it's to gain market insight, customize their offerings or analyze customer behavior, business teams need access to up-to-date data that is presented in an understandable way, in the form of dashboards, for example. This allows them to make decisions faster, based on concrete results.

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What Saagie brings

With Saagie, businesses can take part in the project from the start and have a real impact. The people involved in the project can put it into production faster and business teams receive the data they need. As a result, business teams  can quickly see the ROI of the project and adjust their decisions based on the initial feedback, regardless of their use case: churn detection and reduction, referral, customer 360°, etc.

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