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  • Extract and refine your data
  • Build and run AI based applications
  • Expose trusted data to your organisation

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Technology agnostic

Use the broadest set of analytics tools to build AI based applications in a unified platform.

Saagie brings you the best of breed open-source data technologies, all in one place. Keep your habits, use your favorite tools and increase your efficiency.

Supported technologies

Jobs & Data pipelines

Operationalize your data science to deliver high-value business applications with our data fabric.

Data pipelines

Build your own job workflows mixing Sqoop, Talend, Spark, R, Python and more... And avoid the pain of handling multiple technologies. Each pipeline can be scheduled and enable a very precise monitoring.

Standard release process

Standardize your release process and bring data science to production with the most intuitive big data platform.

Easy versioning & rollback

Schedule your jobs and version every part of them just like the best Platforms-as-a-Service do. Rollback instantly with a single click or by using an API, at any time.


Smooth and effortless integration with your existing software keeping your business results as a priority.


Integrate Saagie in your own environment with a simple API, like external scheduling and monitoring tools. Enable continuous deployment using CI tools like Jenkins, Travis or Teamcity.

Developer plugins

A set of plugins for all your favorite development tools : RStudio, Maven, SBT, Jupyter... Developers can deploy their work on Saagie in just two clicks or one command line.

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Data visualization

Connectors with the most famous data visualization tools: Excel, Power BI, Qlik, Tableau to ensure every business user can benefits from Saagie.

Data & Analytics governance

Easy access to trusted and qualified data, no more silos.

Global monitoring and centralized logging

Monitor your jobs the same way without any technical effort, independently from their language (Java, Spark, Talend, Python or R).
Get their history in real time and understand how and when they process your data.


Qualify and classify your data, organise your Data Lake, apply your company vocabulary to expose trusted data to the rest of your organization.


Because some of your data may be critical, implement restriction rights depending on your hierarchy and avoid wrong usage of them.


Get a full lineage of your data - Why, When, What, How, by Whom... and ensure its integrity is safe by avoiding inappropriate manipulations.

Fast deployment

Choose the solution that best suits your infrastructure and deploy in record times.

On the cloud

Create a dedicated Saagie instance on our Green Data Center or a selected Cloud service provider in few minutes. Start uploading data and focus on business. Saagie’s big data platform scales to thousands of Terabytes.

In your data center

Plug our appliance directly into your data center and create a ready-to-operate big data platform. A unique combination of hardware and software. Saagie's appliance is remotely managed to ensure it is always up to date.

On top of your data lake

Leverage your existing data lake by integrating Saagie’s data and analytics platform on top of it, and unleash the full potential of your data.


No trade-off between production stability and innovation.

Saagie’s platform updates seamlessly and regularly all the open-source languages it integrates: implement the latest big data frameworks without impacting legacy work.

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