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Open DataFabric Managed platform to accelerate your AI projects from development to production

Screenshot Saagie Data Fabric
  • Actionable - From datalab to production
  • Neutral - Largest combination of open-source technologies and commercial solutions
  • Evolutive - Future-proof, no obsolescence
  • Secured - DSA (Digital Algorithm Signature) compliant, GDPR ready

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Manage collaborative AI projects

Increase collaboration between your data teams

  • Define your projects and their purpose
  • Select your frameworks
  • Create and monitor your data pipelines (versioning, logs)

Monitor your jobs and resources

Ensure stability from experimentation to operationalization through a single framework

  • Easily monitor your workload
  • Promote your jobs from sandbox to a production environment
  • Rollback to previous versions in one-click

Ensure data governance

Deliver data quality across your ML and AI initiatives

  • Document your data lake to properly organize your data
  • Easily identify user consent
  • Anonymize sensitive data to be compliant with GDPR

Manage authentications & secure data access

Mitigate risks and control how data is used in your organization

  • Create user groups
  • Define user rights
  • Provide the right level of access to your data

An actionable open ecosystem for your teams

  • Combine and harmonize the best open-source technologies and enterprise solutions, into production pipelines
  • Integrate Saagie in your own environment with a simple API, including with external scheduling and monitoring tools
Enable continuous deployment using CI tools like Jenkins, Travis or Teamcity

Flexible Deployment

Because you IT infrastructure sometimes needs to be hybrid and is constantly evolving, Saagie Open DataFabric adapts to your deployment requirements.

Saagie Cloud

Create a dedicated Saagie instance on our Green Data Center. Saagie’s big data platform scales to thousands of terabytes.


Leverage your existing IT infrastructure by integrating Saagie’s data and analytics platform on top of it, and unleash the full potential of your data.

Public Cloud

Create a dedicated Saagie instance on a selected Cloud service provider in only a few minutes. Start uploading data and focus on building your AI-enabled business applications right away.

Saagie Appliance

Plug our appliance directly into your data center and create a ready-to-operate big data platform leveraging a unique combination of hardware and software. Saagie's appliance is remotely managed to ensure it is always up to date.

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