Main features of Saagie

Saagie mainly relies on a smooth integration of open source components to handle DataOps throughout the entire data life cycle:

  • Analytics Projects
  • Data Governance
  • Private Store
  • Security

The orchestrator with the largest range of technologies

Open-source technologies & free ISVs solutions:

  • ETL: SQOOP, Bash, Talend
  • Datalake Services: HDFS, Kafka, Edge Computing (GPU)
  • Datamart Services: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Elasticsearch
  • Hadoop Query Engine: Hive, Impala, Drill
  • Preparation & Machine Learning: Java/Scala (7.8, 8.121, 8.131), R, Python (2.7, 3.5), Spark (1.5, 1.6, 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3), Jupyter, R Studio, Zeppelin
  • Containers: Docker (powered by Kubernetes)

Scale anywhere

Saagie offers 4 deployment options:

  1. Saagie Cloud (PCI-DSS, ISO27001) in the Normandy or Paris area (France)
  2. Saagie Appliance: the datalake directly within your datacenter
  3. On-Premise: your hardware (Kubernetes cluster)
  4. Cloud Service Providers: OVH, Microsoft Azure, AWS

Plugins to connect your solutions easily

Use your favorite developer or data science IDE and deploy into Saagie in seconds with our plugins for R Studio, Jupyter, Gradle, Maven and SBT.

Perfectly applicable to your CI (Continuous Integration) or CD (Continuous Deployment) processes.

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