Our DataOps platform helps you deploy your data projects quickly, easily and reliably

Our DataOps platform will help you accelerate your data project delivery. This ready-to-use solution lets you manage the entire data lifecycle while meeting production, security and traceability criteria. Leverage open-source, commercial and cloud-native technological ecosystems and easily integrate your own frameworks through our SDK. Focus your resources on data science and data engineering and scale your various data projects.

Orchestrate technologies and operationalize projects through DevOps

Saagie orchestrates the best-in-class of open-source, commercial and cloud-native worlds through Docker and Kubernetes.

Our software lets you create and isolate projects, choose your favorite technologies, create and run jobs into pipelines and make them reproducible.

As a DevOps enabler, our DataOps Platform helps you implement continuous deployment, run versioning and promote use cases between environments. You can monitor the entire data lifecycle, and use centralized logs to ensure traceability.


Leverage various deployment options to fit your IT needs

Avoid lock-in with Saagie’s multi-cloud deployment options that will fit your IT architecture and standards.

Choose Saagie Cloud and get a fully managed cloud environment powered by OVHcloud to quickly get you started, or pick any main cloud provider and unleash the full capabilities of Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform through our DataOps Platform abstraction layer.

Tackle three times more use cases to reveal business value

Our DataOps Platform lets you quickly deliver analytic applications at scale. Each of our customers addresses an average of seven use cases in parallel by saving time, effort and cost to set up and maintain a disparate technological stack.

Create your first project and leverage Saagie’s replicability and portability to handle any of your data-driven initiatives, from predictive maintenance to sales forecasting, churn prediction, fraud detection or customer intelligence.

dataops platform

Operationalize for any industry

Whether your company operates in finance, insurance, defense, the public sector, energy, healthcare, manufacturing or retail, Saagie can scale to fit your needs. Our solution gives you the means to deploy your applications into production for any industry. It ensures security and traceability to adapt to any market and specific data privacy regulations.

A single solution for true collaboration

Your Ops team wants a secure and robust environment, while the Data teams need agility and flexibility to experiment and the Business Department’s only focus is capitalizing on data value to seize opportunities. Saagie provides the missing links between all your teams to more quickly and better serve your business. We bring people, processes and technology together through a unique and collaborative environment.

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