Leverage multi-cloud deployment options
to fit your IT needs

Leverage multi-cloud deployment options that will suit your IT architecture and standards. Saagie is available on a managed cloud environment (powered by OVHcloud) and on the main public cloud providers (Azure, AWS and GCP).

Saagie Cloud

With Saagie Cloud you get a fully managed offer that combines Saagie DataOps Platform and data lake capabilities to quickly get you started. Enjoy Saagie deployed on a ready-to-use and fully managed Kubernetes cluster, powered by OVHcloud. Streamline your operations and focus on your use cases right away.

Leverage ready-to-use analytics services

Deploy quickly and have a demo up and running for your stakeholders within two weeks. Make the most of big data storage capabilities coupled with our DataOps Platform for data processing and machine learning. Address various use cases by scaling from five jobs to 1,500 within four years.

Meet high security standards

All Hadoop security options are preconfigured, the infrastructure is tested daily and Kerberos and high availability are default settings to keep your data safe.

Stay independent

With OVHcloud, there are no Patriot Act regulations to worry about. Get the performance you need with an affordable offer that you can combine with other OVH services such as databases and metrics.

Public Cloud

Combine the abstraction layer provided by Saagie DataOps Platform with the underlying processing capabilities offered by Amazon Web Services, Azure and Google Cloud Platform managed services.

Get the best of both worlds

Combine and orchestrate the best of cloud-native, closed-source and open-source data processing and machine learning technologies. Invest less in DevOps and infrastructure and more in data engineering and data science.

Give your data team an operational and serverless project

Choose from best-in-class data technologies and create a secure and configurable project to get started. Everything is integrated into cloud native monitoring and logging, with both available and traceable through Saagie APIs.

Orchestrate data technologies

Help your data team transition smoothly into the cloud and give them agility and flexibility. On the Ops side, whether you choose a cloud-native lock-in strategy, an agnostic strategy or both, you can enjoy a ready-to-use environment for scheduling, monitoring and logging.

Boost your go-to-market while cutting DevOps budgets

Since operations are already standardized and automated, you can dedicate more than 80% of your budget to data engineering, data science and data analysis. Meet production criteria and deliver your first use cases in weeks. Scale to hundreds of data processing jobs whatever the size of your teams.

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