Implement DevOps Practices

We promote DataOps practices by implementing DevOps into data processes. Automate the continuous deployment chain using our APIs and plugins. Run versioning and monitor logs all the way through your data lifecycle. Ease your go-to-production with our jobs promotion feature.

Apply Continuous Deployment

Provide your data teams with software engineering capabilities and allow them to bring their work from lab to production with our different environments: Lab, Dev, QA, Staging, Production. They have their hands on their projects and environments, can replicate their jobs and use our APIs and plugins to connect IDE and continuous integration tools to automate the continuous deployment chain. They code, Saagie helps deploy.


Run Versionning

As your code is versionned in Github or Gitlab, Saagie versions each runnable data processing job or pipeline to make it reproducible and give you full control over your data in production. To increase agility, we allow you to document your job or pipeline versions, monitor logs for each running instance and rollback whenever you need.

Promote Use Cases

With Saagie, do not fall in the data world traps. Our DataOps Platform brings automation to promote your data processing jobs from environments at low cost. Your projects can smoothly be promoted from an environment to the other (Dev, QA, Staging, Production) and you can still replicate your data jobs and monitor them without having to build a huge DevOps process involving Ops teams.