Operationalize data projects

Move from POC to PROD. Leverage all your project’ views to easily monitor keep your progress. Track the entire data lifecycle and collaborate within a secure environment. Schedule and monitor processes to improve your production. 

Isolate projects

Leverage Saagie’s project view feature to manage your use cases by project with dedicated teams and default security standards.

Fully isolate a data project and automate network isolation by linking it to your AD/LDAP groups, frame your technology choices and align them with your innovation strategy by selecting frameworks when creating your project.

Saagie Projects Screenshot

Manage logs

Increase traceability through continuous activity auditing. Let your Data and Ops teams work and iterate autonomously by simplifying sharing and debugging.

Job logs are stored and centralized, and you can configure your Kubernetes to route them to any of your log management systems such as ELK, Splunk or CloudWatch.

Schedule and monitor processes

Schedule your jobs within Saagie or using your favorite scheduler like $U, Control-M or Tivoli/Websphere Workload Scheduler, and monitor activity.

All job statuses are available through our UI and easily integrated into your monitoring system via API.

Each run of every one of your jobs is recorded for any security, production or compliance auditing and you can use an activity overview dashboard to improve your production processes.

These features are all available through fully harmonized data tooling operations interoperable orchestration.

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