Saagie for data engineers
Build, run and deploy data pipelines

What we do for you

Data engineers are core players in data projects: think of them as the guardians of the data production chain, which starts with with data extraction and ends with visualization by users.

We know you need flexibility when choosing technologies because you have your go-to streaming frameworks. But we also know you want much more than that, such as being able to share your work with the rest of your team and get input. Also on your wish list: access to multiple data sources to build and maintain reliable pipelines and oversee your projects, and, of course, an environment where you can run your jobs in production as smoothly as they run in exploration.

Saagie gives you a single platform that combines open source and commercial technologies and libraries that are always in their latest versions. It eases the data engineering load by offering you automation capabilities and a production-ready environment to quickly build, run and deploy automated data pipelines. Jobs and pipelines are monitored, versioned and reproducible to ensure reliable industrialization of your projects. And everything is secured so you can collaborate with your entire team.

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