Saagie, a different kind of company

Here at Saagie, we like to do things differently. In a world where data projects are really hard to get off the ground, we’ve created a platform that makes it easy. We believe our customers should be able to use their data in innovative ways, and our solution can make it happen. And we have a skilled and highly-talented team to make sure it does just that.

Who we are

At Saagie, we’re a pretty diverse bunch, so it’s actually hard to sum us up in just a couple of sentences. More than anything, we’re an amazing group of people in Paris, Rouen and New York, all working towards the same goal: helping our customers grow by leveraging their data.

We are also a member of the FrenchTech120, an initiative created by the French government to identify and nurture the country’s most promising startups, and future unicorns.

But we’re just getting started – our 90-strong team won’t rest until we’ve found a different way to take every data project from proof of concept to production!

les locaux de Saagie à Paris


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les locaux de Saagie à Paris

Where we came from

We’ve all heard the story about the guy/gal who drops out of high school and takes over their parents’ garage to turn great ideas into a hugely successful business. Well that was kind of like Saagie, except our founder, Arnaud Muller, actually finished college and started his company from an apartment in Rouen, France. Much more civilized.

When Arnaud created Saagie, he was advising customers on their big data strategies and just couldn’t find the right tool to show them exactly what he meant. So he joined forces with the best in the industry and built a brand new tool.

Since then, we’ve brought on more top experts to grow the company, launched our DataOps platform for data engineers, and worked hard to satisfy our many incredible customers.

What motivates us

There are more than 90 of us at Saagie, and each of us contributes something unique to the team. However, what brings us together is kindness, and the knowledge that we’re creating something big together. We like to keep things simple, but without sacrificing creativity.

Most of all, customer satisfaction is something that each and every one of us takes a lot of pride in, no matter which department we work in. But that doesn’t mean we take ourselves too seriously: we work hard but always aim to inject a little fun into everything we do.

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Saagie office in Paris
Saagie office in Paris

Moving forward

We were just about to announce the opening of our brand new Paris office when Covid-19 struck. All of a sudden, staying safe meant staying home. But we made the most of the lockdown period to bring our team closer: we organized virtual events, learned more about each other and shared our experiences through a weekly company chronicle. At the same time, we managed to celebrate our biggest round of fundraising (so far)—enabling us to hire some of the industry’s best talent, refine our offering for data engineers, and continue to look for ways to make it easy to get data projects off the ground. As we said, at Saagie, we tend to do our own thing.

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