If you have reached this page, it is for one of these reasons:
  • You got lost but you’ll still scroll down because you’re curious
  • Our referencing is not at its best and this page is the first one you found on Saagie
  • You were looking for the translation of heron in Japanese
  • You’re thinking about applying to us but you’re not convinced yet
  • You work for a media company (or a competitor 👀) and you’re looking for information about us
  • You fell in love with the digital manager and are looking for his 06
  • You’re simply looking for information about the company

Bad news, the number isn’t here. But good news, you’ll find all the relevant information you need to know about Saagie, its world, its values and its mission.

Once upon a time there was Saagie..

It all started in 2016, in September. Or in October, lastly at the beginning of the school year. Saagie was still called Creative Data and was advising companies that wanted to launch their data projects. And advising is good, but doing it is even better. So the company launched its own dataops platform, Saagie, and took the opportunity to give itself a makeover by changing its name.

The mission has not changed: to accompany  you in your data projects, whatever they may be, by providing you with a key-in-hand software.


lancement de la plateforme




de femmes


âge moyen



What makes Saagie Saagie

With teams based in Rouen, Paris and remotely in the four corners of France, no two people at Saagie are alike. But what brings us together is our humor, our goodwill and the desire to build something together.
We try to keep it simple, but we are no less creative for that. We believe that customer satisfaction is the responsibility of each and every one of us, regardless of our position or mission.

it would be about having fun

If there's one thing we take seriously, it's having fun with what we do. We believe in this so much that a team has been created to make sure we do. Launched by colleagues and for colleagues, the Happy team has been organizing parties and events of all kinds throughout the year for almost four years now. We follow their adventures in the newsletter, between axe throwing, duo party on the theme of Z'amours (French tv show) or hard competition of Mario Kart in Happy Room, there is for all the tastes.

Out of sight, close to the heart

At Saagie, teleworking was in fashion long before the health crisis. Because talents do not only come from Rouen or Paris (our strongholds), we recruit since our creation in full remote. Whether they work from Montpellier, Grenoble, Marseille, Rennes, Rouen or Paris, the watchword is the same: trust. Communication and information sharing tools are available to everyone to maintain cohesion, even at a distance.

So, convinced?