The AI Data Lab, experts at the service of progress

Discover Saagie's AI data lab, a team of data experts at the service of our platform, our customers, and YOUR projects!

The AI data Lab, where innovation begins

The AI Data Lab is a team of data experts composed of data engineers , data scientists and AI researchers who work for customers, partners and the Saagie DataOps Platform . The AI Data Lab experts are proficient in many technologies in the data market. But not only that, they also master cloud technologies and more generally in IT. Complemented by a thorough knowledge of customer use cases, the lab experts are the
main source of innovation in the design and development of our DataOps platform. They also test innovative technologies before they are released and help implement come of the features.

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The AI Data Lab's expertise at the service of your projects

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With years of experience, the AI Data Lab experts offer advice and support for all your machine learning and artificial intelligence projects. Whether it's data engineering or data science, they guide you in your technological choices and orientations, set up data environments, participate in delivery and implement end-to-end data strategies. Our data engineers are qualified on the market's cloud offerings and have advanced expertise on the solutions of our main cloud partners: OVHcloud , Google Cloud AWS and Microsoft Azure . We can thus accompany you on legacy on-premise or cloud-native environments. Our experts also support you in your modernization or migration projects to the cloud to make them more accessible for your business.

The AI Data Lab at the service of the common good

The AI Data Lab has researchers in Artificial Intelligence specialized in NLP, image recognition and time series analysis by Deep Learning. With their specialized knowledge in algorithms, MLOps and UX, our researchers contribute to the development of our DataOps platform, but not only! Indeed, they contribute to many institutional programs. .
For example, they are associated with LITIS (Laboratory of Computer Science, Information Processing and Systems) with whom they have created a joint laboratory called L-Lisa whose work focuses on weakly supervised learning methods by Deep Learning. They also participate in numerous collaborative projects in various application fields for the common good: Impact of sleep on alertness and performance, hate speech detection, pollution detection, medical image segmentation.

PANDORE-IA : a project designed on the Saagie platform

PANDORE-IA is a project created in collaboration with the Sleep Center and the Armed Forces Biomedical Research Institute to predict hypovigilance in athletes using Dreem headband, physiological sensor and simulator data. It also aims to predict hypothermia and hyperthermia in representative environments. The project focuses on using deep learning, time series compression, and multimodal learning techniques to understand the impact of sleep on athletic performance and find ways to support athletes in achieving their performance goals. All collaborators on the project use Saagie to more easily collaborate and test their models and data processing pipelines, with the goal of deployment in production.

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