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What is Data Governance?

Every year, the amount of data we produce is growing exponentially. In 2015 alone, Gartner estimated 8 zettabytes of data worldwide, 4 time what was produced in 2011. Meanwhile IDC predicts this number will be as high as 35 zettabytes in 2020 ! The stakes are high with Big data: churn rate, predictive maintenance, market segmentation and so on. So, businesses will have to care about their data governance, even more with GDPR coming in May.

The Concept of Data Governance

Data Governance allows you to manage and organize data to benefit from it. It consists in bringing people and technologies together to oversee data collecting and processing. It can be a useful legal asset but it also can insure you to be compliant to¬†GDPR¬†if you deal with personal data. On an economical level, it helps guaranteeing the company’s data value and quality.
The long-term main purpose of Data Governance is to be able to identify and control the company’s data, from its quality to its reliability. How fresh the data is ? Is it corrupted ? Is it unique ? All these questions can be answered by Data Government. Furthermore, checking who can access the data is one of the available features and insures data protection.

What Saagie offers?

As data processing is our core business, we offer a complete data governance for our ready-to-use platform. In addition to making you compliant with GDPR, it allows a clear, easy and transparent data management.
How ? With our 4-pillars data governance feature including :

  • Granting or restricting the access to the data for an employee and/or a collaborator.
  • The registry listing all the processing steps the data went through.
  • Documentation to qualify and classify your data and organize your Datalake.
  • Tracking to follow up every data process on the platform.