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Airbyte is an open-source data integration solution offering a wide range of pre-built connectors for different data sources and destinations. Companies can also customize these connectors to automate their data pipelines rapidly, using the programming languages of their choice. Airbyte manages the orchestration, planning and monitoring of data flows, offering a complete solution.


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Saagie and Airbyte

Airbyte’s integration into Saagie offers complete optimization of data flows, thanks to 300 Airbyte connectors and Saagie’s user-friendly interface.

This combination simplifies connection to various data sources, streamlines pipeline creation and accelerates deployment of data projects thanks to advanced features such as real-time synchronization and transformation capabilities. These Airbyte functionalities are accessible either through Airbyte’s simplified interface or directly through the API.

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By integrating Airbyte with the Saagie platform, Data Engineers and Data Scientists benefit from a unified experience, reducing the effort required to develop and maintain custom connectors, and focusing instead on analysis and creating value from data.