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Spark History Server

The Spark History Server is a web server integrated with Apache Spark, which allows users to store and view the history of jobs run with Spark. With this feature, users can access detailed information about past jobs, including tasks, performance metrics and execution logs.


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Saagie and Spark History Server

The integration of the Spark history server within Saagie’s DataOps platform offers considerable advantages. Firstly, it provides Data Engineers and Data Scientists with seamless access to the Spark history server, where they can monitor, track and analyze the performance of distributed processing tasks.

By integrating the Spark history server into the Saagie platform, the management of data processing operations is simplified, guaranteeing the quality and consistency of data flows at every stage of the process.

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Using Spark History Server with Saagie enables teams to shorten the development cycle of data projects, improve collaboration between data and development teams, and ensure more efficient, ongoing maintenance of distributed processing operations.