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Zeppelin is an open source notebook technology for data analysis and visualization. It provides an interactive interface that allows users to write, execute, and share code in various programming languages such as Python, Scala, and SQL. Zeppelin offers seamless integration with data execution engines such as Apache Spark, allowing users to easily explore and manipulate large data sets.


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Saagie and Zeppelin

The integration of Apache Zeppelin within Saagie’s DataOps platform offers a variety of benefits. Firstly, it gives teams easy access to Zeppelin’s interactive environment for creating, collaborating and sharing data notebooks.

Thanks to this integration into the Saagie platform, analysis development and collaboration are simplified, guaranteeing quality and consistency at every stage of the process.

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Using Zeppelin with Saagie enables teams to reduce the time needed to create interactive analyses, improve collaboration between data and development teams, and provide a dynamic workspace for data exploration.