Reinventing the real estate business through data

Foncia is the European leader in residential services, the number one property manager and the number one rental company in France. The company’s ambition is to be recognized for its quality of service and for the development of innovative services. Foncia’s main activity, property management, is divided into two business lines, condominium management (syndic business) […]

How to industrialize a project with the GitHub CI / CD?

This week, Julien Fricou, Data Engineer at Saagie, was able to ask Alain Hélaïli, Principal Solutions Engineer at GitHub, about the use of the platform. The GitHub CI / CD will hold no secrets for you! How to create a workflow (yaml file, graphic editor)? With GitHub Actions, we decided that the philosophy would be […]

How to Manage Machine Learning Deployment?

illustration blog manage machine learning deployement

In this article, you will learn on how to deploy Machine Learning in Agile way to support your data projects. Here are 5 steps to keep in mind when addressing this kind of projects. Machine Learning Deployment Should be Managed as a Project When we think about Machine Learning deployment, we often think just about the […]

How to Deploy a Machine Learning Model?

illustration blog deploy ml model

This article invites you on a short tour of how to go from exploration to production when working with Machine Learning models. What are the major stages of ML models life cycle? In the last part of the article, we will show an example of architecture based on Docker compose and hosted in the cloud to deploy your […]