What are the keys to launch your data project?

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Is it possible to deploy a data project, from scoping to large-scale deployment, in 10 weeks? Let’s take a closer look at the keys to accelerating this type of project, which can sometimes take up to 18 months to generate value. Before starting anything, it is essential to know fairly quickly whether there is a […]

What is Hybrid Cloud and Why do Companies Choose it?

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In order to host and store their data, in the age of digital transformation, a growing number of companies have turned to cloud computing technology. According to a recent Gartner report, the impact and importance of the cloud for businesses can be compared to that of the Internet. Among its benefits we can mention the […]

How to Take Your First Steps into Docker!

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Docker or containerization is one of the most trending topics in both software development and Data Science right now. Understanding the concepts underlying this technology is as important as knowing how to read and write. After a short introduction and why you should use it, we’ll explore its terminology such as Dockerfile, Docker image and […]

Put Open Source in your Data Projects

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It has become impossible to talk about Data without mentioning open source. Just take a look at the different platforms that offer Big Data solutions, the vast majority of which are open source oriented. For good reason, technologies such as Cassandra, Hadoop, Apache Spark, Talend and many others now offer high quality services for building […]

What is a Data Lake?

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The advent of Big Data and its constant evolutions make the companies more and more demanding in powerful technologies of data analysis. The Data Lake has been created in order to face these needs. An Explanation of the Data Lake? It is a computer system able to store in one place all the data present in […]