Why do I believe in AI for the greater good?

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Alexandre Pachulski, Co-founder at Talentsoft, has written GĂ©nĂ©ration IA, describing AI through the prism of eighty-four movies. His objective is simple: make people understand what artificial intelligence does and encourage them to take part in the discussion regarding this innovation, which is a pool of opportunities for the greater good. I wrote this book because […]

Who is the Chief Data Officer?

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Gilbert Ton, a lifelong experienced CDO, recently published “Chief Data Officer” with its co-author, Alain Yen-Pon. Today, he’s sharing with us his knowledge about Chief Data Officers and their missions. Who are they? What are their missions? This profession will no longer be a mystery for you. Long story short, the Chief Data Officer’s mission […]

What is Quantum AI?

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“AI” and “quantum”. Here you go, two buzzwords for the price of one! More seriously, although I am aware that it is difficult to sum up two such big fields with a few articles, I wanted to try to expose, as faithfully as possible, the pros and cons of quantum computing applied to artificial intelligence, […]