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Saagie and OVHcloud accelerate partnership through Open Trusted Cloud commitment

Press release – June 08, 2023 in Paris

Saagie, a French DataOps vendor recognized as a market leader by Gartner and a provider of DataOps platforms in SaaS, announces the strengthening of its partnership with OVHcloud, by joining the “Open Trusted Cloud” program.

Saagie and OVHcloud have been working together since 2017 to offer a DataOps orchestration solution integrated into a market-friendly Cloud Data Factory based on a modern, scalable infrastructure.

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Saagie is the turnkey workspace dedicated to data teams. Saagie enables all data projects to be managed via a single interface. This makes it possible to assemble and orchestrate a multitude of ready-to-use technologies, orchestrated within advanced pipelines.

Saagie is available on the OVHcloud marketplace. 

Saagie has today taken a new step in its partnership with OVHcloud by joining the Open Trusted Cloud program, an ecosystem of solutions united by the desire to offer sovereign solutions hosted on an open, reversible cloud located in France. With Open Trusted Cloud, Saagie confirms its commitment to the security of its customers’ data, facilitating access to a sovereign, transparent and sustainable DataOps cloud solution, with the added ability to use OVH SecNumCloud solutions.

This partnership offers Saagie’s customers additional scalability, implementation and control, reinforcing Saagie’s value proposition: to make data projects more reliable and faster to production.

Several Saagie customers are already hosting on OVHcloud. This is the case for Bouygues Travaux Publics and its Open-cast Mining division, Thomas Lesueur, Equipment Engineer: 

Saagie is at the heart of our predictive maintenance process! It has enabled us to drastically reduce major engine breakdowns and significantly improve the availability and profitability of our mining vehicles. The Saagie platform also enables our developers to use multiple technologies quickly and easily.”

As data-related uses mature in all sectors, it becomes strategic to be able to support each stage of data projects with high-performance, scalable infrastructures that make no compromises on data confidentiality. On the strength of our shared commitment to data sovereignty with Saagie, we have already responded to a number of use cases, notably in the Public Sector, Industry 4.0 and the Automotive sector” explains Caroline Comet-Fraigneau, VP France, Benelux, Africa and Middle East at OVHcloud.

Saagie and OVHcloud form a winning French alliance for the digital transformation of businesses. By combining SAAGIE’s expertise in data analysis and real-time processing with the power of OVHCloud’s infrastructure, companies can benefit from a complete platform for managing, storing and orchestrating their AI and Data projects to accelerate their innovation and growth” says Marc Abehassera, Chief Revenue Officer at Saagie.

About Saagie : 

Saagie is a Rouen-based SaaS software publisher offering a simple, comprehensive DataOps solution. Recognized as the market leader by Gartner in 2022 and again in 2023, Saagie is the DataOps platform that enables data teams to facilitate, accelerate and ensure the reliability of project production. Saagie’s Data Apps Manager add-on module enables Docker applications to be added, deployed and used within projects to manage the entire data lifecycle, from extraction to visualization, development and delivery.

Saagie teams manage the Cloud Data Factory for end customers to enable them to deliver BI, ML or AI projects into production more quickly.

To find out more, click here:  https://www.saagie.com/en/

About OVHcloud:

OVHcloud is a global player and the European Cloud leader, operating more than 450,000 servers in 33 data centers on 4 continents for 1.6 million customers in over 140 countries. Spearheading a trusted Cloud and pioneering a sustainable Cloud with the best price-performance ratio, the Group has relied for over 20 years on an integrated model that gives it complete control over its value chain: from server design, to the construction and management of its data centers, to the orchestration of its fiber optic network. This unique approach enables OVHcloud to independently cover all its customers’ needs, while enabling them to benefit from the virtues of an environmentally sound model, with frugal use of resources and a carbon footprint that matches the best ratios in the industry. Today, OVHcloud offers state-of-the-art solutions combining performance, price predictability and total sovereignty over their data to support their growth in complete freedom.

To find out more about OVHcloud : https://corporate.ovhcloud.com/