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Saagie fait sa mise à jour trimestrielle release 2023.02

Saagie’s quarterly update is ready!

We are excited to announce the release of version 2023.02 of our DataOps platform! 

We are constantly improving Saagie by incorporating extensive community feedback to simplify data engineering/science workflows and deliver innovative, first-class tools for DataOps.

This version is a major version providing new rich functionalities and focusing on Observability and Smart Conditions of Pipeline. Here are the notable new features and improvements since the previous release:

Observability and advanced automation in pipelines

Cluster and Pipeline Resource Monitoring

New resource monitoring pages have been added to monitor resource consumption for clusters and pipelines.

At the cluster level, you can access the Operations module to see an overview of your cluster. This page displays the number of projects, jobs, pipelines, and apps created on each platform, as well as resource capacity metrics  for CPU, and RAM for each node in the platform.

screen plateforme interne, exemple Monitoring et observabilité des clusters
Example of monitoring for clusters: Consumption, number of projects, jobs, pipelines, apps, etc. (Internal platform)

In the Overview page of  pipelines, you can access graphs displaying runtime and resource consumption metrics (CPU and RAM) for each instance.

This added focus on resource monitoring in Saagie will allow data engineers and platform administrators to have a complementary view of clusters and pipelines to track performance and better optimize resource usage on their platforms.

screen plateforme interne, exemple Monitoring et observabilité des pipelines
Example of monitoring for pipelines: CPU and RAM of the pipeline (Internal platform)

Smart Conditions in Pipelines

You can now create new type of conditions to build more relevant pipelines:

These new conditions will allow you to implement advanced intelligence in your pipelines. In particular, by completing Environment variables modification already available since 2023.01, the conditions on Environment variables expand the capacity to execute complex branches in Pipeline regarding the combination of variable values.

For more information, see About Conditions in Pipelines.

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Support

Saagie DataOps Platform is now available Google Cloud Platform GCP.

This new version of the Saagie installer is now compatible with Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE).

Illustration Saagie Saas on ovhcloud aws gcp azure

Saagie’s Technology Repository Updates

The following technologies have been added to the official Saagie technology repository:

New embedded job technologies:

TIP: Do not forget to update your Saagie repositories to keep your technologies up to date.

We value your opinion

As always, we value your feedback on the solution we build. Stay tuned for new features, updates and improvements. Share your feedback on this announcement. You can also test the platform for free with our free trial!

Thank you for your feedback!