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Pipeline, storage and SSO: Saagie 2024.01

With the arrival of the new year, we’re excited to reveal Saagie’s first 2024 advances! ūüéČ

Since our last update, our team has been hard at work bringing you significant improvements and innovative features.

Dive into the latest news with our first 2024 update: 2024.01 ‚ú®

1. Product Updates (2024.01)

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Moving a Pipeline

You can now move a pipeline from one project to another and on a different platform from the pipeline library or its The "Overview" page icon is a square divided into several other squares. Overview page. Click the kebab menu The kebab menu icon is three vertical dots.  project move Move to… and enter the required information. The moved pipeline keeps its jobs, conditions, pipeline environment variables, versions, instances, logs, alerts, and resource settings.

This avoids you to start from scratch and improves your productivity.

Duplicating a Pipeline

Duplicating pipelines was already possible, but only to make a shallow duplication of it. You can now make a deep duplication of your pipelines.

dupliquer un pipeline
Figure 1. From the The "Pipelines" page icon is represented by several connected jobs. Pipeline page or the pipeline The "Overview" page icon is a square divided into several other squares. Overview page, click the kebab menu The kebab menu icon is three vertical dots. clone copy Duplicate to open this modal window and choose your duplication level.

This avoids you to start from scratch and improves your productivity.

Adding an Alias to Your Pipeline

Just like jobs, pipelines now have an alias in addition to their name. A pipeline alias is required and unique to each pipeline in a project.

alias de pipeline

Expanding an App Storage Space

It was already possible to increase the capacity of your storage space, but we have made some improvements to it.

As an administrator, the configuration for your storage space size has changed. When you will launch the latest Saagie installer, you will have to specify the step and maximum size of the storage space. These values will be displayed on your Saagie platform when creating or editing a storage space.

As a user, you can manage the size of your storage space with a slider. Its minimum and maximum size is defined by your administrator when configuring the size of the storage spaces.

Modification espace de stockage

Duplicating an App Storage Space

From the storage space library of your project or app, you can now duplicate a storage space. The duplication includes a complete copy of the original storage space with its contents.

This avoids you to start from scratch and improves your productivity.

Linking the Source Code of Your Job

When you push a job using a CI/CD process, a link to the source code will be automatically added to the package of the job.

CI/CD Saagie

You cannot change this link by hand. Also, if you change your job package via the Saagie platform, the link to the source code will be removed as it is no longer relevant. However, it remains accessible from the corresponding version of your job.

Authenticating to Saagie Using a Single Sign-On (SSO) Process

As an administrator, you can now configure your Saagie platform(s) so that you can log in using SSO. To do so, you must enable the SSO option when upgrading Saagie. When you will launch the latest Saagie installer, answer SSO at the Authentication Mode prompt when configuring the deployment mode.

As a user, once the SSO system has been set up, you will be able to log in to Saagie with the defined identity provider.

2. Saagie Technology Repository Updates

The following technologies have been added in the official Saagie technology repository:


  • Apache Superset: context 3.0 has been added.
  • Metabase: context 0.48 has been added.
  • MLFlow Server : context 0.48 has been added

ūüí°Do not forget to synchronize your¬†Saagie repositories to keep them up to date.

Find all the latest information and platform updates in our doc!