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An update to make Saagie easier to use: 2023.05

With the first chills of the year, we’re delighted to present Saagie’s latest developments! ‚ĚĄ

Three months have passed since our last update, and we’re delighted to share with you the developments that have enriched our platform.

Take a gentle look at the latest news with our early 2024 update: 2023.05. ūüƨԳŹ‚ú®

1. Product updates (2023.05)

TLDR : To Long Didn't Read

Saagie CI/CD GitHub Action

Find the Saagie CI/CD GitHub Action on the GitHub marketplace. It is designed to make it easier to set up the CI/CD process on your Saagie platform, and provides you with a set of customizable options to upgrade your jobs and pipelines.

Utiliser Jupyter Notebook avec une IA générative

Moving a Storage

You can now move a storage from one project to another and on a different platform from the datamart Storage page of your project.

Expanding a Storage

You can now expand the capacity of your storage space by editing it.

 For storage expansion to work, you must add the allowVolumeExpansion : true option to the storage.yml file created when you configured your cluster(s). For more information, see Creating Storage Classes for Your Saagie Platform for EKS, AKS, GKE, and other service platforms.

Duplicating a Pipeline

rom the pipeline library or its The "Overview" page icon is a square divided into several other squares. Overview page, you can now duplicate the Current Badge for the "Current" status version of your pipeline.

This avoids you to start from scratch and improves your productivity.

New Saagie Usage Monitoring (SUM) Dashboard

A new default dashboard has been added to SUM. It gives you information on the capacity planning of your jobs and pipelines.

capacity flamming SUM

Resuming a Pipeline

You now have a solution for resuming a pipeline that has failed. There are many reasons why a pipeline may not be completed. It can be costly and time consuming to completely restart it. Resuming a pipeline allows you to pick up where the pipeline stopped and complete the remaining jobs.

Creating Machine Learning Pipelines With BigQuery in Saagie

Read our new how-to section to learn how to do machine learning with BigQuery using Python in Saagie. To do this, we will look at sentiment analysis applied to movie reviews in the IMDB (Internet Movie Database) and follow each step of this process. Our goal is to determine the polarity of the reviews, that is, whether they are positive or negative.

This section will include several articles. One article for each step of the sentiment analysis process. The article Send Data to BigQuery is the first in a series of four. Stay tuned!

Pushing Models to Hugging Face With Saagie

Learn how to push models in the Hugging Face’s Model Hub with Saagie. Then use them with our Saagie Hugging Face Model Server add-on. This add-on includes the Saagie HF ModelServer TextCLF app, which is designed to facilitate the deployment and prediction of Hugging Face deep learning models for text classification.

2. Enhanced user experience

Enhanced user experience

The access to Saagie Resources Monitoring (SRM) has been enhanced for a better user experience.

To access it, you can now click open external Resource Details in the secondary navigation menu of the The "Monitoring" module icon is a heart with an electrocardiogram in it. Monitoring module. It will open SRM in a new tab.

cluster overview

3. Bug Fixes

4. Updates to the Saagie technology catalog

The following technologies have been added to Saagie’s official technology catalog:

Integrated and external jobs

  • R: context 4.3 has been added.


  • CloudBeaver: context 1.2.0 has been deprecated.
  • RStudio: context 4.1 has been deprecated.
  • Saagie Usage Monitoring: contexts For Saagie 2023.02, For Saagie 2023.03, For Saagie 2023.04 and For Saagie 2023.05 have been added.

ūüí° Tip

Don’t forget to synchronize your Saagie directories to keep them up to date.