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R studio

RStudio is a popular, user-friendly technology for developing and analyzing data with the R programming language. It is an integrated development environment (IDE) specially designed for R users, offering a user-friendly interface for writing, executing and debugging R code. RStudio offers a variety of advanced features such as syntax highlighting, automatic completion, project management and an interactive console for executing code in real time.

In addition to code editing, RStudio also offers advanced data analysis capabilities.


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Saagie and R Studio

The integration of RStudio within Saagie’s DataOps platform offers a range of key benefits. Firstly, it gives teams easy access to the R Studio development environment for coding, analyzing and visualizing data in the R language.

Thanks to this integration into the Saagie platform, the analysis or ML development process is simplified, guaranteeing the quality and consistency of solutions at every stage of the process.

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Using R Studio with Saagie enables teams to reduce the time needed to create analyses or Artificial Intelligence applications in R, improve collaboration between development and data teams, and provide a powerful and specialized development environment to meet the varied needs of projects.

R, R Shiny and Shiny Proxy are also available in our catalog, offering a complete range of advanced tools for data visualization and analysis.