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ShinyProxy is an open source technology that makes it easy to deploy and manage Shiny-based interactive web applications in R. It enables users to create Shiny applications and easily deploy them as web services accessible via a web browser.


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Saagie and ShinyProxy

The integration of ShinyProxy within Saagie’s DataOps platform offers significant advantages. Firstly, it gives teams easy access to ShinyProxy’s interactive environment for developing and deploying Shiny applications.

Thanks to this integration into the Saagie platform, the management of interactive applications is simplified, guaranteeing application quality and performance at every stage of the process. Coupled with R Shiny, the application that enables the development of Interactive Web Applications in R, ShinyProxy enables rapid prototyping of web applications.

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Using ShinyProxy with Saagie enables teams to shorten the application development cycle, improve collaboration between data and development teams, and provide powerful interactive solutions for visualizing and interacting with data.

ShinyProxy can be used with R , R Shiny and R Studio, available on the Saagie platform.