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The true challenge for companies and organizations lies in successfully bringing their data projects into production and demonstrating their value. These initiatives often involve a complex chain of processes, supported by diverse technologies and diverse skill sets. Saagie emerges as the ultimate DataOps platform, empowering your data teams to seamlessly facilitate , accelerate and enhance the reliability of their projects. Unlock the potential to address various use cases, ranging from predictive maintenance and attrition analysis to sales prediction, fraud detection, and 360° customer vision, across any industry sector, all within record time."

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A collaborative space for large companies

Only one out of two data projects makes it to production. The reasons? A fragmented and constantly evolving ecosystem of technologies. Data teams want to work with the latest market standards, which can quickly become a headache for the IT department in building and maintaining such a technology stack. Other issues include the difficulty of aligning teams and the lack of processes and automation that can slow down or even compromise the feasibility of projects.

Data architect at Matmut

Excellent outils !

What I appreciate about the Saagie platform is its ability to adapt to the needs of its client by offering a wide range of apps and technology. For example, the Saagie API allows us to script all our operations on the platform in order to execute them through our SI on the Matmut applications!

I also appreciate the “catalogue” section. In addition to the “classic” catalogue listing the technologies hosted by the platform, a community catalogue is available that brings together the various technologies used by Saagie’s clients. This allows us to see what is possible on the platform, discover a different way of working, and gives us ideas for other projects!

In addition, thanks to docker, we can work on several jobs at the same time, within the same platform, without having technology conflicts. Everything is containerized and this helps streamline our work.

Take advantage of an agile and collaborative environment that meets the requirements of your IT teams in terms of operability and security, but also the expectations of your Data Labs in terms of flexibility and experimentation, all at the service of business teams. 

Deployed on Docker and Kubernetes, Saagie integrates all types of analytical technologies and allows you to benefit from hybrid deployment possibilities (public and private clouds) that will suit all urbanization policies. Automate, monitor and govern the entire project cycle in a structured, secure and repeatable way to deliver continuous business value. 

A turnkey solution for SMEs and mid-sized companies

Launching a data project can seem difficult. Building your own stack is tempting, but you quickly find yourself blocked by the constraints of the IS, the incompatibility of frameworks or the lock-in with a cloud provider. Access to data coming from various sources is also a constraint that some of our customers know, with the difficulty of centralizing their data. Finally, the teams involved are then confronted with the availability of technologies to collect the data, prepare it and then visualize it in order to derive business value from it.

of a research and consulting company

Excellent tools!

We had a real need for responsiveness. Businesses, regulations and the use of data had changed, but not our tools. That’s where the Saagie platform comes in!

Saagie was extremely well positioned to help us realize our vision. We relied on two strong cornerstones: new technologies and new ways of working, accessible through Saagie.

Saagie offers a platform that is easy to use by your teams. It is modular to adapt to your IS, and based on an infrastructure maintained and updated by our teams.

We provide you with a complete technological stack that allows you to process the entire life cycle of a project, from extraction to visualization. Finally, the platform is turnkey and allows you to manage your projects, automate your deployments and supervise your work within a single interface.

A sovereign environment for administrations

In the public sector, as in other areas, data projects are still considered high-risk because of the time and costs involved. The changes in organization and IT evolution that they require are sometimes an obstacle to their implementation. Questions about data and technology sovereignty, as well as current regulations, are also obvious issues that French administrations must take into account.

Data Engineer at Ministère des Armées.

An all-in-one platform!

Thanks to Saagie, I was able to greatly simplify the operability of my projects! The Application Catalogue instantiated by Saagie allows us to work autonomously in a simple and secure way.

Saagie works with major players in the public sector, such as the Ministry of the Armed Forces and the Ministry of the Economy, Finance and Industrial and Digital Sovereignty. The platform enables them to enhance their data, sometimes sensitive, in an isolated and secure environment. Turnkey, it provides your teams with technologies and apps to cover the entire life cycle of a project, but also the possibility to add your own for better compatibility with your IS, without lock-in.

The platform can be deployed on an OVH managed cloud infrastructure, but also allows reversibility to your own on premise infrastructure if needed. SecNumCloud certified with OVH, the offer we propose is part of a sovereign approach, guaranteeing you to keep control over the access and use of your data within isolated and secure environments.

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