Bouygues DTP Mining: modernizing its maintenance processes

Bouygues DTP Mining is a subsidiary of the Bouygues Travaux Publics group specializing in mining, from drilling to transportation.

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Bouygues DTP Mining wanted to modernize its maintenance processes for mining vehicles operating in Africa. The group was facing several challenges:

Increasing Data Volume:

Challenges and Management Imperatives

The company was operating more and more connected mining vehicles. This was generating a growing volume of data from multiple streams (OEM data, laboratory oil analysis reports) that needed to be processed.

Predictive Maintenance:

Meeting Growing Customer Expectations

Bouygues DTP Mining’s customers wanted increasingly detailed information on the maintenance status of their equipment and assurance of a limited number of breakdowns that would slow down production.

Processus Artisanaux:

Moderniser la Collecte et l'Analyse de Données

The collection of maintenance data was manual, very often from emails. Their transformation and analysis were then tedious, with some flows requiring resource-intensive calculations and others relying on unsuitable tools (Excel macro).


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Bouygues DTP Mining has implemented the DataOps Platform to design more efficient maintenance data analysis processes.

Efficient collaboration:

Putting Saagie at the Heart of Data Analysis

Only 10% of the group’s data is currently used on Saagie, with a desire to position Saagie as the solution for standardizing all of Bouygues DTP’s data integration and analysis.

Data efficiency:

Speed of Action and Use Case Construction

Strong collaboration between the group’s business teams and Saagie’s Professional Services, enabling their use cases to go into production in just a few weeks.

Operational Revolution:

A New Chapter for Bouygues DTP Mining

Productivity gains in man-days through the automation of many data collection and analysis operations and increased team autonomy on data subjects through customized training.

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