AI for Good : secrets of a Serial Hacker

This week, meet Guillaume Vives, serial entrepreneur, Chief Marketing Officer at Mirantis and advisor to Saagie. This will be an opportunity to discuss his extraordinary journey and his vision of the uses of AI. Could you tell us about your background ? I am a French from Brittany, more particularly from CĂ´tes d’Armor and I […]

Insurance: How to make data, AI and ethics a winning trio?

If you were unable to attend our last webinar with Matthieu Olivier, Strategy Director at Saagie and Magali NoĂ©, Chief Digital Officer specializing in the insurance & Actuarial sector, here is what to remember. “Long before the appearance of GAFA, insurers collected and manipulated a great deal of data, in particular data related to claims, […]

The Uses of Artificial Intelligence: AI bias and technological developments

This week, we dive into the twists and turns of artificial intelligence with Olivier Ezratty, expert in AI and quantum technologies, on the occasion of the publication of his e-book on the uses of AI. We summarize 742 pages in a few lines to find out everything about the latest developments in technology or use […]

Health Data Hub : Decompartmentalize data for better care

If you couldn’t attend our last webinar on Open Data, here is what to remember from the Health Data Hub. It is a young but essential organization, especially for the management of the health crisis. We discussed with StĂ©phanie Combes, Director of the organization about the mission of the organization and how it can revolutionize […]

Open data: data should be available to everyone!

This week, we are pleased to hear from Open Data expert Jean-Marc Lazard, Co-Founder & CEO of Opendatasoft. If you were not yet familiar with Open Data, this is an opportunity to learn a little more about the subject, and especially to understand how this notion can help us respond to challenges of general interest. […]

Why do I believe in AI for the greater good?

illustration blog ia pour le bien commun

Alexandre Pachulski, Co-founder at Talentsoft, has written GĂ©nĂ©ration IA, describing AI through the prism of eighty-four movies. His objective is simple: make people understand what artificial intelligence does and encourage them to take part in the discussion regarding this innovation, which is a pool of opportunities for the greater good. I wrote this book because […]