The Perspectives of Data Innovation in 2021

Today, Guillaume de Saint Marc, Senior Director Engineering, Emerging Technologies & Incubation at Cisco, shares his insights on the newest revolutions in data. Can you briefly explain your role at Cisco? I’m part of the Strategy, Emerging Technologies & Incubation division. This is an important pillar of our organization: we’re responsible for Cisco’s strategy as […]

What is Quantum AI?

illustration blog ia quantique definition

“AI” and “quantum”. Here you go, two buzzwords for the price of one! More seriously, although I am aware that it is difficult to sum up two such big fields with a few articles, I wanted to try to expose, as faithfully as possible, the pros and cons of quantum computing applied to artificial intelligence, […]

What is a Smart City?

illustration blog smart city

A year has passed since our first article about smart cities. Last year, 50% of the world’s population lived in cities, now it is 55%. This number should increase to 70% by 2050. Cities will keep growing and changing to face new issues : environment, power management… Cars do not fly yet but things are already […]