Saagie named by Gartner as a Representative Vendor in DataOps Market

Saagie has been named by Gartner in the DataOps vendor short list in the 2022 “Market Guide for DataOps Tools”. Saagie is recognized for the core capabilities of its DataOps Platform. According to the Market Guide, “DataOps tools provide greater automation and agility over the full life cycle management of data pipelines in order to streamline […]

Saagie named by Gartner® as a Representative Vendor for Orchestration in DataOps

Saagie has been named by Gartner in the DataOps vendor landscape in the 2022 “Data and Analytics Essentials: DataOps” report. Saagie is recognized for the orchestration capabilities of its platform. According to the report, the decision flow for DataOps tools purchase should start with the following question: “Are you missing foundational pipeline operations capabilities to orchestrate […]

Saagie Raises $28 million to Revolutionize Data Project Deployment


The French startup aims to become the leader in DataOps by accelerating international development and doubling staff over the next two years Paris, June 2, 2020 – Saagie, the French software provider, today announces a $28 million      fundraising round with Crédit Mutuel Innovation, alongside NewAlpha Asset Management, Seventure Partners and AG2R LA MONDIALE. Historic […]

CTO opinion column: Managing remote teams


This article has been scheduled for months, but with the last status on the COVID-19, I have no choice but to take the time to write it now as my small contribution to the current world situation. This article will target managers of remote teams. At Saagie, we have prioritized remote work from the beginning. […]

Saagie commits with France Digitale for a new vision of AI


Last month, Business France engaged to support the French tech ecosystem with the French Tech 120 program. Now, this ecosystem has to mobilize. France Digitale announced on February 19 the launch of a French task force dedicated to artificial intelligence in order to design a new vision and methodology. Being both ethical and practical, this […]

We were at KotlinConf’19!


This year, we participated to the KotlinConf at Copenhagen. It was a time for a part of the team to share two entire days of Kotlin conferences. December 4th Part of the team leaves Rouen towards the airport to go to Denmark. A large part of the day is dedicated to transportation in order to […]

DataOps Digest #2


Following our first DataOps Digest and its success, we did it again! We gathered every piece of DataOps content that caught our attention, enjoy the reading. Website & Blog Articles Very deep and interesting articles from Thoughworks : How to Move Beyond a Monolithic Data Lake to a Distributed Data Mesh How to set your […]

DataOps Digest #1


Website & Blog Articles We’ll start this first digest with the DataOps Manifesto made by our friends at Datakitchen, which is a good recap to get started on DataOps. You can then continue reading this interesting summary, produced by the same folks. An article from DZone about DevOps & Dataops: DataOps: Applying DevOps to Data […]

Our (extended) Big Data / AI recap!


The Big Data ecosystem is still on the rise ! Data is now in our companies as well as our everyday life and coffee machine conversations. Since Matt Turck’s article “Great power, great responsability” published in June, we thought now seems a good time to deliver our extended 2018 (we added the first 2019 quarter) […]

A reflection on distributed Data Labs


Since data lies at the heart of many corporate strategies, a natural first step is to set up a Data Lab. The purpose of such a lab is to experiment with new technologies and to address a range of business use-cases. First things first, how are distributed Data Labs organized ? As you can see […]

Come take the AI oath !


Many articles try to scare you about Artificial Intelligence, warning you about how robots might become evil and all that sort of things, but AI is not all about robots. More and more people work in Data Science, so now is the time to raise awareness about ethics. Not only should AI be safe, but it […]

Let’s introduce our partners !


As you may know, Big Data / AI is a pretty complex technology ecosystem. Between proprietary and open source technologies, you can easily loose your way while trying to juggle with literally tens of frameworks. Believe us, it is hard to orchestrate and expensive as well. That is the reason why we want to be […]