Who is the Chief Data Officer?

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Gilbert Ton, a lifelong experienced CDO, recently published ‚ÄúChief Data Officer‚ÄĚ with its co-author, Alain Yen-Pon. Today, he‚Äôs sharing with us his knowledge about Chief Data Officers and their missions. Who are they? What are their missions? This profession will no longer be a mystery for you. Long story short, the Chief Data Officer‚Äôs mission […]

The differences between a Data Scientist and a Data Engineer

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In data and business intelligence, data scientist and data engineer are both on the rise. But what are they doing? How do they work together and manage the relational aspects? And how do they complement each other? Before the era of big data, there were already two similar roles. We can call them the “ancestors” […]

What are the Differences Between Data Scientist and Developer?

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According to¬†the latest trends,¬†data science and software engineering skills are among the most in-demand on LinkedIn. However,¬†data scientists sometimes have a hard time explaining what their job consists of, trying to explain that their typical day of work is made of mathematics and code. At some point in the conversation, one may often conclude ‚Äúwell, […]

Who is the Machine Learning Engineer?

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Big Data,¬†Data Science,¬†Machine Learning, predictive algorithms‚Ķ Many of those are now commonly used in the business world. In order to make their innovative projects happen, companies now decide to build up their own Data Labs. However, most of AI or Big Data projects,¬†80% of them according to Gartner, do not make it into production. We […]

Why is Business Vision Critical to your Data Project Success?

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We talked a lot about technology in the¬†Data Lab¬†and the¬†POC¬†articles, let‚Äôs talk about people. When we think about¬†Big Data¬†and artificial intelligence, we think about a data team with a¬†Data Scientist, a¬†Data Engineer, a¬†Data Steward‚Ķ But let us not forget about Marketing or R&D profiles as the business vision needs to lie at the heart of […]

Who is the Data Engineer, the Key Player in your Data Projects?

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In the past years, issues related to data analysis and data exploitation – through BI and Machine Learning – have become very significant in the business world. As a result, many companies have emerged or adapted to meet this new and growing need. However, we sometimes forget to mention another notable consequence of this trend: […]

Who is the Data Miner?

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The Data Miner’s job is a specialization of the Data scientist‘s job, which focuses on the data exploration part: which data is useful? Do I need to add open data to get relevant results? Do I need to build specific algorithms to explore my data? What are his Objectives? The Data Miner make the company’s […]

Who is the Data Protection Officer?

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Discover the Data Protection Officer job. What does he do ? How and why is he important ? The Role of a Data Protection Officer The Data Protection Officer is the person in charge of the data protection, as requested by the¬†General Data Protection Regulation¬†(GDPR). His role is to monitor the data protection strategy to […]

Who is the Data Analyst?

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The world of¬†Big Data is evolving quickly with the emergence of new jobs such as the data analyst. But what does this job consist in? Why are they so important to explore your data and processes? Here are some answers to your questions. What is the Role of a Data Analyst? The first thing a […]

Who is the Data Steward?

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A Data Steward is a data coordinator and your data lake administrator. He is the person in charge of your¬†data management and classification. His main duty is to be¬†responsible for your data quality standard and adapt it to your business¬†by putting additional information to each of your data elements to make it a highly valuable […]

Who is the Data Scientist, the Researcher of Modern Time?

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With the emergence of big data technology, on both sides of the ocean new jobs have progressively appeared, and most importantly the data scientist. It is a crucial role in the process of data exploration and analytics. We would like to give you some further background information on this exciting job ! The Role of […]