Pipeline, storage and SSO: Saagie 2024.01

maj saagie 2024.01

With the arrival of the new year, we’re excited to reveal Saagie’s first 2024 advances! 🎉 Since our last update, our team has been hard at work bringing you significant improvements and innovative features. Dive into the latest news with our first 2024 update: 2024.01 ✨ 1. Product Updates (2024.01) TLDR : To Long Didn’t […]

An update to make Saagie easier to use: 2023.05

maj saagie 2023.05

With the first chills of the year, we’re delighted to present Saagie’s latest developments! ❄ Three months have passed since our last update, and we’re delighted to share with you the developments that have enriched our platform. Take a gentle look at the latest news with our early 2024 update: 2023.05. 🌬️✨ 1. Product updates […]