5 Mistakes Preventing Data Lab Projects From Being Implemented

To help you succeed in your Big Data/Artificial Intelligence project, here is our fourth article on the subject.  If you have been following us since the beginning, you now know how to set up a Data Lab, sometimes spelled Datalab, you know all about the pitfalls of POC, and understand the importance of putting the […]

Saagie named by Gartner as a Representative Vendor in DataOps Market

Saagie has been named by Gartner in the DataOps vendor short list in the 2022 “Market Guide for DataOps Tools”. Saagie is recognized for the core capabilities of its DataOps Platform. According to the Market Guide, “DataOps tools provide greater automation and agility over the full life cycle management of data pipelines in order to streamline […]

Saagie named by Gartner® as a Representative Vendor for Orchestration in DataOps

Saagie has been named by Gartner in the DataOps vendor landscape in the 2022 “Data and Analytics Essentials: DataOps” report. Saagie is recognized for the orchestration capabilities of its platform. According to the report, the decision flow for DataOps tools purchase should start with the following question: “Are you missing foundational pipeline operations capabilities to orchestrate […]

Reinventing the real estate business through data

Foncia is the European leader in residential services, the number one property manager and the number one rental company in France. The company’s ambition is to be recognized for its quality of service and for the development of innovative services. Foncia’s main activity, property management, is divided into two business lines, condominium management (syndic business) […]

Best R libraries for data science

R is a langage that has been created to manipulate data. This means that R has a lot of built-in tools and functions such as data frames, vectors, matrices and decision trees out of the box to cover your basic needs of data science and even machine learning.  Considering this, it might be tempting to […]

AI for Good : secrets of a Serial Hacker

This week, meet Guillaume Vives, serial entrepreneur, Chief Marketing Officer at Mirantis and advisor to Saagie. This will be an opportunity to discuss his extraordinary journey and his vision of the uses of AI. Could you tell us about your background ? I am a French from Brittany, more particularly from CĂ´tes d’Armor and I […]

What’s Computer Vision?

This week, we are delighted to chat with Augustin Marty, CEO of Deepomatic. It is a software editor specializing in computer vision. How does computer vision support us in our daily tasks? Find out more here! Tell us the story of Deepomatic Deepomatic is a company that grew out of a company called Smile, which […]

Insurance: How to make data, AI and ethics a winning trio?

If you were unable to attend our last webinar with Matthieu Olivier, Strategy Director at Saagie and Magali NoĂ©, Chief Digital Officer specializing in the insurance & Actuarial sector, here is what to remember. “Long before the appearance of GAFA, insurers collected and manipulated a great deal of data, in particular data related to claims, […]

Data to the rescue of sustainable development, feedback from Saint-Gobain

We are delighted to chat with BenoĂ®t Lepetit, Head of Data at Saint-Gobain since 2019, to talk about the company’s digital transition and how data contributes to sustainable development. When was the Saint Gobain data team created? For what reasons? And how is this pole organized today? First of all, to recontextualize, Saint Gobain is […]

How JCDecaux has made data a major asset for cities in France and elsewhere!

This week, let’s talk about smart cities with François-Xavier Pierrel, Group CDO of JCDecaux! Yes, JCDecaux, leader in display advertising since 1964, located in more than 80 countries, also has a say in the digital transformation of cities. Could you explain your mission at JCDecaux? After a stint at Renault and Facebook, I joined JCDecaux […]

The Uses of Artificial Intelligence: AI bias and technological developments

This week, we dive into the twists and turns of artificial intelligence with Olivier Ezratty, expert in AI and quantum technologies, on the occasion of the publication of his e-book on the uses of AI. We summarize 742 pages in a few lines to find out everything about the latest developments in technology or use […]

How to industrialize a project with the GitHub CI / CD?

This week, Julien Fricou, Data Engineer at Saagie, was able to ask Alain HĂ©laĂŻli, Principal Solutions Engineer at GitHub, about the use of the platform. The GitHub CI / CD will hold no secrets for you! How to create a workflow (yaml file, graphic editor)? With GitHub Actions, we decided that the philosophy would be […]