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If you've made it this far, you're interested in Saagie and want to go further with us... Or, you figured that downloading a white paper to read later was easier than reading the pages of the site. Either way, you're in the right place. Discover our White papers replays, and webinars all gathered here after being meticulously produced, reviewed and edited by our in-house technical experts (Thanks to the data, R&D and Marketing teams 🥰).

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White papers
to better understand the concepts of Tech

Les livres blancs
pour mieux comprendre les concepts de la Tech

DevOps, DataOps, MLOps, Machine Learning, Deep Learning… Are you lost in all the buzzwords of the Data world? Our experts are here to help you see (or review) the basics with adapted formats: 7 pages for the shortest, more than 30 for the most complex concepts (but with lots of pictures!).

Les webinars et replays
pour tout connaître du marché de la data

Les webinars et replays
pour tout connaître du marché de la data

Don’t have time to read white papers? Then webinars and replays are for you! On the agenda: feedback from our customers, expert roundtables, sharing of best practices… Watch our videos to deepen your knowledge of the market.


Meta-orchestration avec Saagie : Devenez le chef d'orchestre de vos projets data !

Jonathan Pivert – Product Manager chez Saagie

Victor Leroux – Product Marketing Manager chez Saagie

Saagie Live –
Let your app go deep

Leshanshui Yang – Data Scientist chez Saagie.

Datalake : comment reprendre le contrôle de ses données au profit de la connaissance client ?

Sonia Dahech – Directrice CRM, Traffic, Data & Omnicanal chez BUT

Laurent Gautier – Cross Canal Programm Manager chez BUT

Etienne Sigwald – Solution Architect chez Saagie

Accélérez le déploiement de votre Stratégie Data !

Benoît Franck – Architecte Solution chez Saagie

Alexandre Menicacci – Senior Consultant chez Almond

Valoriser vos Data avec BVA & Saagie

Théo Deschamps-Peugeot – Pré Sales Manager chez Saagie

Arnold Haine – CTO/ COO chez Data Factory by BVA

Adrien Liard – Head of product chez Data Factory by BVA

Emilie Boutes – Head of Digital Transformation chez Data Factory by BVA

Alejandro Lara – Head of Data Science chez Data Factory by BVA

Assurance: Comment faire de la data, de l'IA et de l'Ă©thique un trio gagnant?

Matthieu Olivier – Strategy Director chez Saagie

Magali Noé – Chief Digital Officer secteur Assurance & Actuaire