AI for Good : secrets of a Serial Hacker

This week, meet Guillaume Vives, serial entrepreneur, Chief Marketing Officer at Mirantis and advisor to Saagie. This will be an opportunity to discuss his extraordinary journey and his vision of the uses of AI. Could you tell us about your background ? I am a French from Brittany, more particularly from Côtes d’Armor and I […]

Insurance: How to make data, AI and ethics a winning trio?

If you were unable to attend our last webinar with Matthieu Olivier, Strategy Director at Saagie and Magali Noé, Chief Digital Officer specializing in the insurance & Actuarial sector, here is what to remember. “Long before the appearance of GAFA, insurers collected and manipulated a great deal of data, in particular data related to claims, […]

Data to the rescue of sustainable development, feedback from Saint-Gobain

We are delighted to chat with Benoît Lepetit, Head of Data at Saint-Gobain since 2019, to talk about the company’s digital transition and how data contributes to sustainable development. When was the Saint Gobain data team created? For what reasons? And how is this pole organized today? First of all, to recontextualize, Saint Gobain is […]

How JCDecaux has made data a major asset for cities in France and elsewhere!

This week, let’s talk about smart cities with François-Xavier Pierrel, Group CDO of JCDecaux! Yes, JCDecaux, leader in display advertising since 1964, located in more than 80 countries, also has a say in the digital transformation of cities. Could you explain your mission at JCDecaux? After a stint at Renault and Facebook, I joined JCDecaux […]

The Uses of Artificial Intelligence: AI bias and technological developments

This week, we dive into the twists and turns of artificial intelligence with Olivier Ezratty, expert in AI and quantum technologies, on the occasion of the publication of his e-book on the uses of AI. We summarize 742 pages in a few lines to find out everything about the latest developments in technology or use […]

The Perspectives of Data Innovation in 2021

Today, Guillaume de Saint Marc, Senior Director Engineering, Emerging Technologies & Incubation at Cisco, shares his insights on the newest revolutions in data. Can you briefly explain your role at Cisco? I’m part of the Strategy, Emerging Technologies & Incubation division. This is an important pillar of our organization: we’re responsible for Cisco’s strategy as […]

Why do I believe in AI for the greater good?

Alexandre Pachulski, Co-founder at Talentsoft, has written Génération IA, describing AI through the prism of eighty-four movies. His objective is simple: make people understand what artificial intelligence does and encourage them to take part in the discussion regarding this innovation, which is a pool of opportunities for the greater good. I wrote this book because […]

What is Deep Learning and how does it work?

First of all, it is important to know the history of Deep Learning, before discovering in two other parts how it works and, finally, its future prospects. Deep Learning is a relatively new terminology, unlike deep neural networks, which it refers to. The theory behind Deep Learning is therefore not recent, and even if new […]

Artificial Intelligence in video games

The first results when searching for “Artificial Intelligence in video games” in Google speak for themselves: Artificial Intelligence (AI) in video games is often unsatisfactory. As a gamer, it is moreover frequent to be confronted with situations that lose credibility because of the AI behavior. Is this a real problem? Why does AI seem to stagnate […]

What is Natural Language Processing?

Have you ever wondered how your phone could possibly be able to understand what you are saying? Has this brainless pile of metal and plastic acquired the ability to talk with humans? If you already spend time playing with Siri, OK Google or Cortana, trying to fool them with some convoluted questions, you got an […]

What is Quantum AI?

“AI” and “quantum”. Here you go, two buzzwords for the price of one! More seriously, although I am aware that it is difficult to sum up two such big fields with a few articles, I wanted to try to expose, as faithfully as possible, the pros and cons of quantum computing applied to artificial intelligence, […]

How to Deploy Analytics Programs Avoiding Bad Organizational Patterns?

Artificial Intelligence, Analytics, Machine Learning… these words are on every lip – every day, tens of articles on these topics are published on the web. Most leaders know that business must become more analytics-driven. Not only to embrace the new digital era, but also to make more educated decisions. Nevertheless, most organisations struggle to deliver this […]