Acome : Empowering Industrial Processes with a Data Factory

Acome, a French company, excels in the manufacturing of high-tech cables and systems dedicated to automotive, telecom, railway infrastructures, and building communication networks.

Cas client ACOME


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Acome faced the imperative to accelerate its industrial processes to respond more swiftly to market demands. The company encountered several challenges:

Hindered Decision-making:

Acome grappled with reducing product design time, hampered by lengthy and cumbersome decision-making processes in Excel.

This hindered the company’s responsiveness to market fluctuations.

Data Structuring Needs:

Acome struggled with effectively organizing and storing data from various sources, ranging from paper documents to PDF files.

This highlighted the need for better information structuring to optimize simulation model creation and design recommendations.

Complicated Iterations:

Acome’s iterative design approach faced major obstacles, including prolonged processes, laborious opportunity identification, and sector-specific standards complexity.

Rethinking processes became imperative to ensure competitiveness in a demanding environment.


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Acome revolutionized its decision-making management by providing its teams with a decision support application through the Saagie Data factory .

Modernization of Tools:
Safer and Faster Decisions

Acome embarked on a tool modernization journey, a transformation that proved to be a time-saving catalyst. By complementing existing tools with modeling and recommendation solutions, the company not only enriched its design capabilities but also significantly reduced decision-making time.

This reduction allowed design teams to react more swiftly to market demands.

Data Centralization:
Better Management with a Data Factory

Acome optimized its data management by centralizing all design information on a single platform. Automatic data loading, coupled with the deployment of a new querying tool and the development of a correlation visualization tool, provided a comprehensive response to the company’s specific data management needs.

This centralization simplified data management and analysis for design teams, offering a unified view and intuitive access to crucial information.

Time-saving and Enhanced Agility:
Continuous Innovation

The time saved from adopting new solutions significantly boosted the efficiency of Acome’s design teams. This operational improvement fostered a culture of innovation, enabling more frequent experimentation and faster production deployment.

Concurrently, awareness of new technologies updated the teams, enhancing their ability to keep pace with market developments. With reinforced agility, Acome is positioned proactively to adapt to changes and maintain competitiveness in a dynamic environment.

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