CSTB : a data platform to process its business data

The Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment (CSTB) is a public establishment of an industrial and commercial nature whose aim is to guarantee the quality and safety of buildings, and to support companies in the construction sector in their innovation strategies.

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Following an internal study, the CSTB identified the need to build a data platform on which to process its business data. It was then facing several challenges :

Abandoning Traditional Methods:

High Costs, Low Results

The initial calls for tenders led him to rely on consulting firms applying traditional project management methods (V-cycle).

Their answers were not adapted: after more than a year, the results were not convincing and it was too expensive.

Shortage of Data Profiles:

Lack of Specialized Profiles

The CSTB did not have purely data profiles (data scientists, engineers or analysts) nor the expertise to build its own data platform. It therefore needed a solution to start initiatives quickly while allowing its teams to progressively increase their skills in these areas.

Obstacle to Innovation :

Too little flexibility to respond to customers

Its legacy information system was holding back innovation. Its silo structure and lack of flexibility did not allow for synergies, and this prevented CSTB from offering the kind of cross-functional services that its clients demanded.


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Saagie is at the heart of the CSTB's digital transformation by equipping the group with its DataOps orchestrator to accelerate its data projects.

Triumphant Agility :

Time and Cost Reduction

Adoption of an Agile methodology throughout the project. They were able to start working on their first use case immediately and iterate quickly.

As a result, the time-to-value was reduced to only four months and expenses were limited.

Technological Simplicity:

Alleviating Complexity, Bridging the Skills Gap Data

Avoid the technological complexity of data science projects with a ready-to-use solution. CSTB engineers can focus on the areas of expertise where they deliver the most value, while progressively developing their skills on data technologies.

Customer-Centric Innovation:

Transforming Demands into Realities with Saagie

Initiatives launched outside of its legacy information system to innovate more rapidly. A first successful POC centered around real-time data processing during wind tunnel climate simulations has enabled CSTB to deliver more value to its customers.

Directly actionable visualizations have been added to its test reports on new buildings.

Other teams are now using Saagie to address their own business use cases.

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