An AI-focused update: 2023.04

maj Saagie 2023.04

Autumn is finally here, and with it comes a palette of warm colors, comfort, solace and new arrivals at Saagie! 🍂 It’s been 3 months since our last release, and Saagie has come a long way! Dive into the latest platform news with our October 2023.04 update 🍁🌟 1. Product updates (2023.04) TLDR : To […]

Saagie’s quarterly update is ready!

Saagie fait sa mise Ă  jour trimestrielle release 2023.02

We are excited to announce the release of version 2023.02 of our DataOps platform!  We are constantly improving Saagie by incorporating extensive community feedback to simplify data engineering/science workflows and deliver innovative, first-class tools for DataOps. This version is a major version providing new rich functionalities and focusing on Observability and Smart Conditions of Pipeline. […]

A Data Fabric to make your Big Data & AI projects happen!

Even though the terms Big Data, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence gain in popularity, few data initiatives do in fact materialize. Various use cases are addressed but struggle to get industrialized. The Data Fabric concept seems a promising solution to get data projects in production. Data Fabrics emerged recently in the specialized press (Forbes, Networkworld
) each with different definitions. In this […]