Murata : A Data Factory Revolutionizing Industrial Processes

Murata Integrated Passive Solutions a subsidiary of the Japanese group Murata, is headquartered in Caen, Normandy. It stands as a globally recognized leader in silicon passive component integration technology, offering comprehensive solutions for electronic circuit miniaturization with exceptionally high performance levels.

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Following an internal analysis, Murata recognized the need to establish a new production process to meet business demands.
Focusing on one particular use cases , developed collaboratively with Murata's Production R&D, SI teams, and Saagie's AI Data Lab, we delved into nanoscale wafer porous structure metrology.
Murata encountered several significant challenges:

Infeasibility of manual labor:

Murata teams required automation of semiconductor production image analysis, each series comprising a large number of images.

Rapid and reliable processing and visualization of results rendered manual handling impractical.

Lack of agility hindering iteration:

Murata sought agility to find a technical solution meeting business requirements.

This necessitated a tool enabling multiple code iterations for swift, reliable solution discovery.

Need for decision-making support:

Project supervision and decision-making teams at Murata faced the task of validating numerous factors to ensure final product quality.

In establishing an industrial process, ensuring all factors align is crucial to creating a sustainable solution meeting market demands.


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Saagie's Data Factory met Murata's business demands. Leveraging the technological expertise of various teams and collaborative efforts between Saagie and Murata, Murata's metrology industrial process was successfully established.

Python Program, Murata-Owned:

A Python project tailored specifically for Murata addressed the use case. Murata exclusively owns the code enabling metrology tasks, ensuring traceability of parts and processes.

Utilizing the Saagie catalog, we implemented a tailored Python framework, ensuring project performance and efficiency. This approach standardized image series processing and guaranteed a repeatable analysis approach.

Saagie Platform for Data Management:

We implemented a Saagie platform to collect, process, and make project data available. This approach facilitated dashboard creation containing sought-after values, enhancing information management by teams.

The Saagie platform also met Murata’s agility needs, facilitating development, iteration, testing, and code refinement to address business requirements.

Enhanced Autonomy and Efficiency
for Murata Teams:

These solutions significantly enhanced autonomy and time management for Murata teams, notably R&D, Data Science, and Data Analytics teams, in managing production processes and image processing.

By emphasizing automation, process optimization, and Saagie platform technological agility, this project evolved into a reliable, operational industrial process.

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