Vallourec is a world-leading provider of tubular solutions for the energy sectors, including oil and gas and low-carbon energy, as well as the industry markets.




Real-time production line monitoring, raw material price optimization algorithm


To tackle the transformation challenges facing its markets, the company wanted to develop a portfolio of digital services while increasing operational efficiency on a global scale. Leveraging its data was the cornerstone of these initiatives, however Vallourec identified three main challenges:

Distributed data lab and scattered teams

A distributed data lab with teams scattered across the globe (France, Germany, USA, Brazil, etc.) which greatly hindered collaboration.

Too large investments for own platform

Large investments would be required if Vallourec decided to build a data processing platform on its own, from scratch. A complex set of processes would also be needed to support projects with a strong governance structure.

Need for quick results

Vallourec needed to move quickly and see results almost immediately as well as avoid the usual pitfalls associated with POCs: several projects launched at the same time but that never reach production.


Vallourec integrated Saagie’s DataOps platform to power data transformation across the group, enabling:

Collaborative workspace shared by data teams around the world

This enables data engineers, data scientists and data analysts to use leading open-source and commercial data processing technologies without having to learn new languages.

Production-ready solution

It allows Vallourec to build data projects almost immediately while significantly decreasing operations costs linked to server maintenance and a complex technological stack.

Multi-projects solution

Several projects to be developed at the same time, from experimentation to operationalization at scale. A first app assisting customers in the selection and assembly of tubes on construction sites was developed in three days during a hackathon and then quickly distributed worldwide. Additional projects centered around the real-time monitoring and optimization of assembly lines are also in production on the Saagie platform.

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