What is Hadoop, the Most Famous Elephant in the Big Data World?

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What is Hadoop, the Most Famous Elephant in the Big Data World?

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Did you kow that a 90% of the world’s data have been generated within the past 2 years? Facing this boom, new Open Source technologies appeared progressively with the objective of giving the key to companies to analyse and fully exploit their data. Among these innovative technologies, the most used of them still remains Hadoop.

An Overview About Hadoop

Mostly used by Web giants like Twitter, LinkedIn, Ebay and Amazon, Hadoop is an open source framework using Java as a language and whose goal is making distributed and scalable apps’s creation easier. Indeed, Hadoop makes data analysis on huge volumes of data possible, even beyond petaoctets. Today, it is massively used to store, process and work with big amounts of data: it has become a standard in Big Data processing. Hadoop works in his own ecosystem as well as software like Apache Spark, Cloudera Impala, Sqoop, etc. Based on calculation grids, the framework is mostly composed of the following processing modules:

  • Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS): this is a distributed files system to store massive volumes of data on a big number of machines already equiped with standard material.
  • Hadoop Common: it contains the multiple utilitaries necessary to the other Hadoop modules.
  • Hadoop YARN (Yet Another Resource Negociator): this platform is used to manage the cluster’s processing resources and to schedule users’ applications.
  • Hadoop MapReduce: it is used for high scale data processing and make apps able to process a big amount of data on big clusters. It is reliable and malfunctions tolerant.

These particularities make Hadoop one of the most used frameworks in companies, especially regarding:

  • Standard data storage on transactional data
  • New Data lakes made of row data eventually used by Data Scientists
  • Queries and analysis on very high volumes of data

Basically, Hadoop is particularly used by modern businesses willing to value their data: predictive maintenance, ETL processing, Business Intelligence and so on.

The Key Functionnalities

Data downloaded into HDFS (Hadoop files system) is stored on 3 different copies and on different nodes. This replication has two main objectives:

  • Data availability in case of malfunction
  • Use the data locality when executing a MapReduce job task

Indeed, the way that it works is rather simple: it consists in dividing a data processing on several nodes. Data processing can be made on data stored in a non structured files system or in a structured data base. MapReduce can use the data locality, processing the data near where it is stored to reduce the distance it is transmitted from.

The Perks and Stakes for your Business

Hadoop has definitely numerous perks. Indeed it can:

  • Quickly analyse petaoctets of data using a cluster based on computer servers’ nodes.
  • Add new nodes to store more data if necessary.
  • Though a node’s data can appear to be inaccessible for any reason, it will take the information from the other nodes where the data used to be stored.
  • It is free of charge.

However, it is quite hard to find people skilled enough to work efficiently on Java. That is why you can use other applications like Hive, a data store interface capable of storing data integrated into Hadoop by simply using the SQL language and tables to store and visualise your data. This can be a great alternative to face a lack of the skills necessary to use Java in the best way possible.

Hadoop and Saagie

Saagie’s goal is providing you the best frameworks and Big Data technologies. Our Big Data platform can handle heavy technologies as Hadoop and Hive among lots of others: Impala, Talend…

Many of our data management tools are working with Hadoop making your data processing easier. We want to provide you with the best technologies and highly skilled human resources: our Data consultants and Data analysts are here to help you with your data lake analysis.

With Saagie you will enjoy an end-to-end platform adapted to each of your needs as well as the best work force for an optimisation of your business information.

Nowadays, your data processing and analysis are essential to get the most out of your inner information.